Henninger High School

Henninger Staff and Faculty Listing

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Faculty Name Department Room/ Team Email Address
Aberdeen, Adam Cafeteria N/A AAberdeen@scsd.us
Akins, Andrea Music 102/ C AAkins@scsd.us
Allen, Dan Special Ed. 218/ B DAllen2@scsd.us
Anderson, Mariel Student Assistance N/A MAnderson@scsd.us
Archambeault, Paige Science 124/ C PArchambeault@scsd.us
Arsenault-Balcum, Michelle Teaching Assistant C MArsenault-Balcum@scsd.us
Ascioti, Christine Cafeteria N/A CAscioti@scsd.us
Atkins, Ann Special Ed. 206/ A AAtkins@scsd.us
Bangoshoth, Pothwei Clerical Main Office PBangoshoth@scsd.us
Banks, Amy ENL 188B/ A ABanks@scsd.us
Bardenett, Jim Phys. Ed. Gym/ B JBardenett@scsd.us
Bellamy, Jeffrey Dean of Students. N/A JBellamy@scsd.us
Benevento, Ann Marie Special Ed. 117/ A ABenevento@scsd.us
Bennett, Rachel Math 129 RBennett@scsd.us
Berda, Sarah Special Ed. 222/ A SBerda@scsd.us
Bergamo, Michelle Guidance B MBergamo@scsd.us
Bidwell, Allen Special Ed. 111/ A ABidwell@scsd.us
Bisesi, Jim Math 129 JBisesi@scsd.us
Blasland, Ed Vice Principal Main Office EBlasland@scsd.us
Boland, Barbara Science 125/ C BBoland@scsd.us
Bolton-Starowicz, Jacki Teacher Assistant N/A JStarowicz@scsd.us
Bondi, William Science 119 WBondi@scsd.us
Bonn, Dana Teacher Assistant N/A DBonn@scsd.us
Boyce, Kate Science 124/ C KBoyce@scsd.us
Brewster, Michelle LOTE 221/ B MBrewster@scsd.us
Brier-Kennedy, Erica Student Assistance N/A EBrier-Kennedy@scsd.us
Bruns, Kris Cafeteria Manager N/A KBruns@scsd.us
Brush, Robert Custodian C RBrush@scsd.us
Buchanan, Laura Math ? LBuchanan@scsd.us
Burke, MaryMargaret Psychologist N/A MBurke2@scsd.us
Burr, Allison Lifeguard N/A ABurr@scsd.us
Carciofolo, Isabel Special Ed. 103B/ B ICarciofolo@scsd.us
Cardwell, Johnesha Teacher Assistant N/A JCardwell@scsd.us
Cecile, Jason Administrative Intern Main Office JCecile@scsd.us
Clark, Janet L. PTECH Clin. Laboratory 03 jclark5@scsd.us
Clark, Mary Pat LPP/STEP 205 clarkm@lemoyne.edu
Clifton, Terry Special Ed. A TClifton@scsd.us
Cloonan, Bill Teacher Assistant N/A BCloonan@scsd.us
Colabufo, Sam Special Ed. 208/ C SColabufo@scsd.us
Collins, Laurie English 217/ A LCollins@scsd.us
Cosgrove, Kristen English 214/ C KCosgrove@scsd.us
Cox, Lindsey Clerical C LCox@scsd.us
Daniels, Charla Custodian C CDaniels@scsd.us
Danyew, Angela English 206/ C ADanyew@scsd.us
DeBose, Brett Sentry N/A BDeboise@scsd.us
DeCarlo, Tina Special Ed. 104/ A MAdams@scsd.us
DeJohn, Jacqueline Clerical N/A JDejohn@scsd.us
Delia, Michelle Guidance A MDelia@scsd.us
Dems, Margaret Lead Secretary Main Office MDems2@scsd.us
Doane, Jennifer Clerical N/A JDoane@scsd.us
Doherty, Patricia Cafeteria B PDoherty@scsd.us
Dougherty, Jim LPP/STEP 205 doughertyj@lemoyne.edu
Dowdell, Shirelle Vice Principal Main Office SDowdell@scsd.us
Drazek, Leah Guidance C LDrazek@scsd.us
Dwyer, Connor Sentry N/A CDwyer@scsd.us
Edwards, Rory Music 101 REdwards2@scsd.us
Falcinelli, Amy Social Studies 223/ C AFalcinelli@scsd.us
Field, Michael Art 04/ A MField@scsd.us
Fields, Courtney Health 07 CFields@scsd.us
Fiello, Scott Science B8 (Basement) SFiello@scsd.us
Finch, Sherri Vice Principal Main Office SFinch@scsd.us
Flemming, Jeffrey Police Officer Main Office JFlemming@scsd.us
Flowers, Yolanda Hillside 207 YFlowers@scsd.us
Fortino, John Sentry N/A JFortino@scsd.us
French, Emily Math 113/ C EFrench@scsd.us
Fritzen, Brian English 210/ B BFritzen@scsd.us
Garcia, Erica Social Studies 204/ A EGarcia@scsd.us
Garcia, Lillivette LOTE 218/ B LGarcia@scsd.us
Garofalo, Rocky Special Ed. 116/ B RGarofalo@scsd.us
Gendron, Michele English 206/ B MGendron@scsd.us
Germaine, Todd Social Studies 220/ A TGermain@scsd.us
Gibson, Cindy Cafeteria N/A CGibson@scsd.us
Greeley, Kara Science A KGreeley@scsd.us
Green, Meredith ENL 214/ B MGreen@scsd.us
Grefer, Joseph Social Studies 224 / A JGrefer@scsd.us
Handy, Tiffany Medical Technology N/A MHarper2@scsd.us
Heaney, Diane Machine Office Operator N/A DHeaney@scsd.us
Heckman, Craig English C CHeckman@scsd.us
Heigle, Nancy Math 118A/ A NHeigle@scsd.us
Henneberry, Matthew Technology 08 MHenneberry@scsd.us
Herron, Juliana LOTE 221 JHerron@scsd.us
Hines, Ameena Cafeteria N/A AHines2@scsd.us
Hirt, Alana Math 105 AGroth@scsd.us
Isham, Shannon Guidance A SIsham@scsd.us
Jachim, Christopher Custodial N/A CJachim@scsd.us
Jackson, Barbara Psychologist N/A BJackson@scsd.us
Jackson, Colleen Medical Technology 03 CJackson@scsd.us
Janack, Pamela Health 07 PJanack@scsd.us
Jarmacz, Tina AVID 211 TJarmacz@scsd.us
Johnson, Jimmy Police Officer Main Office JJohnson2@scsd.us
Jones, Debora Cafeteria N/A DJones3@scsd.us
Junuzovic, Amir ENL 127 AJunuzovic@scsd.us
Kavanagh, Brian Principal Main Office BKavanagh@scsd.us
Kerr, Mary Health Aide N/A MKerr@scsd.us
Keyes, Judy LPP/STEP 205 keyesja@lemoyne.edu
Killian, Catherine Teacher Assistant N/A CKillian@scsd.us
Kochan, Ben English 218 /A BKochan@scsd.us
Krupa, Christopher Special Ed. 201/ B CKrupa@scsd.us
Kumah, Bright Custodian C BKumah@scsd.us
Kupferberg, Ann Music N/A AKupferberg@scsd.us
Lance, Linda Teacher Assistant N/A LLance@scsd.us
Latz, Mike Custodian C MLatz@scsd.us
Leedom, Jordan Social Studies 202/ B JLeedom@scsd.us
Liepke, Lorraine Math 114 LLiepke@scsd.us
Lizzio, Lori Art 06/B LLizzio@scsd.us
Lockwood, Sally Speech/Language Pathologist N/A SLockwood@scsd.us
Mallory, Robert Guidance A RMallory@scsd.us
McCarthy, Melinda Business 215 / A MMccarthy2@scsd.us
McCarthy, Patrick Hillside 207 PMcCarthy@scsd.us
McIntyre, Shelagh Social Worker First Floor SMcIntyre@scsd.us
Meola, Michael Teacher Assistant N/A MMeola@scsd.us
Milstein, Andy Social Studies 204/ B AMilstein@scsd.us
Mortas, Stephen Social Studies 202/ B SMortas@scsd.us
Moser, Karen Science 112/ A KMoser3@scsd.us
Muniz, Marianne Cafeteria N/A MMunizr@scsd.us
Murphy, Jennifer Math 106 /A JMurphy4@scsd.us
Murray, Nichole Math 131/ C NMurray2@scsd.us
Nicotra, Allyssa Special Ed. 210/ B ANicotra@scsd.us
O'Donaghy,Kasandra Special Education 115 KOdonaghy@scsd.us
O'Neill, Mara Math 114 MOneill@scsd.us
Paoletti, Machelle Cafeteria N/A MPaoletti@scsd.us
Pawlewitz, Robyn Math 115 RVier@scsd.us
Pelcher, Melanie Science 107/ A MPelcher@scsd.us
Perrotta, Frank Math 106/ A FPerrotta@scsd.us
Phipps, Karen Science 130 KPhipps@scsd.us
Pollard, Andrea Special Ed. 112/ C APollard2@scsd.us
Polsin, Michelle Phys. Ed. Gym/ C Mpolsin@scsd.us
Porter, Bryan Special Ed. 103/ A BPorter@scsd.us
Porter, Jill Special Ed. 226B/ A JPorter@scsd.us
Poyneer, Lorrie Nurse N/A LPoyneer@scsd.us
Price, Jim Teaching Assistant N/A JPrice@scsd.us
Prince, Cornelius Social Studies 203/ B CPrince@scsd.us
Raterman, Jennifer English 209/ A JRaterman@scsd.us
Raymie, Melvina Teacher Assistant N/A MRaymie@scsd.us
Regmi, Jawala ENL 220/ A RJawala@scsd.us
Reistrom, Lia English 208/ C LReistrom@scsd.us
Riley, Andi Guidance A ARiley@scsd.us
Roach, Abby ENL 108/ A ARoach@scsd.us
Rombel, Megan Art 05/ C MRombel@scsd.us
Rosario, Gaspar LOTE 213 GRosario@scsd.us
Rood, Kate Science 110/ B KRood@scsd.us
Rowe, Jodi Business 212 / C jrowe@scsd.us
Ryan, Kevin Phys. Ed. Gym/ B KRyan2@scsd.us
Ryan, Mary Science 109/ A MRyan@scsd.us
Savo, Louise Phys. Ed. Gym/ A LSavo@scsd.us
Schug, Michael English 206/ B MSchug@scsd.us
Shiel, Colleen Librarian N/A CShiel@scsd.us
Singer, Michael Science 122/ B MSinger@scsd.us
Skye, Nancy Teacher of Visually Impaired TBA NSkye@scsd.us
Smith, Frank Behavior Intervention Specialist TBA Fsmith2@scsd.us
Snyder, Michael Social Studies 223/ A MSnyder@scsd.us
Speights, Gilbert Teacher Assistant N/A GSpeights@scsd.us
Spence-Newman, Tashalee Special Ed. 116/ C TSpence-Newman@scsd.us
Spicer, Rick Athletic Director Basement RSpicer@scsd.us
Spohn, JoAnn Math 120/ A JSpohn@scsd.us
Stevens, Melanie Science 126 MStevens@scsd.us
Steves, Amanda ENL 220/ A ASteves@scsd.us
Stratton, Jennifer Science 127 JStratton@scsd.us
Sudmyer, Nancy Psychologist N/A NSudmyer@scsd.us
Suslovic, Joyce Social Studies 225/ B JSuslovic@scsd.us
Tallman, Darlene English C DTallman@scsd.us
Terry, Naarah Huntington Family Center Guidance Office TBA
Tierney, Patrick Special Ed. 116/ C PTierney@scsd.us
Tucker, Jay Social Studies 201/ A JTucker@scsd.us
Vazquez, Mary Teaching Assistance N/A MVazquez2@scsd.us
Victoriano, Regina LOTE 216 RVictoriano@scsd.us
Walker, Michael Sentry N/A MWalker@scsd.us
Wall, Doreen Special Ed. 120/ B DWall@scsd.us
Warren, Elizabeth Clerical N/A Ewarren@scsd.us
Weismore, Diane Phys. Ed. Gym/ C DWeismore@scsd.us
Weismore, Jordan Social Studies 222/ A JWeismore@scsd.us
Weldert, Chris Math 121/ B CWeldert@scsd.us
Weldert, Erika Science 119/ B EWeldert@scsd.us
Whaley, Clarice Teacher Assistant/ISS N/A CWhaley@scsd.us
Williams, Saraann English 216 SWilliams7@scsd.us
Williams, Tyler Sentry N/A TWilliams49075@scsd.us
Wolf, Steven LPP/OCC Library s.a.wolf@sunyocc.edu
Wolfanger, Carolyn English 131/ C CWolfanger@scsd.us
Wolfanger, Derek Sentry Main Office DWolfanger@scsd.us
Wylie, Brittany ENL 129/ A BWylie@scsd.us
Zarachowicz, Leo Head Custodian N/A LZarachowicz@scsd.us
Zazzara, Erika Teacher Assistant N/A EZazzara@scsd.us
Zimmerman, Alonzo Custodial N/A Azimmerman@scsd.us

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